Monday, June 28, 2010

Google suggests lulz

Some of these are really great. Also, it's a very easy meme to contribute to. See something funny when typing in searches? Screenshot! Honestly sometimes I'll intentionally type in the name of something to see what people are thinking about it. It's a pretty interesting tool in that way alone, really.

Unfortunately not an awesome Google Easter egg.

That's after typing only "i l"!
#2 ranking too!

Still don't know the explanation for this one.

Sort of reminiscent of recursion?

Even more after the jump!

Unbelievable but there is an explanation for this one.

Unfortunately not in the suggestions anymore.

Ok this one I looked up myself. I was pretty satisfied to see that come up after 5 letters. I mean really. Most vile marketing campaign ever.

And now an interesting "analysis" of the correlation between phrasing and, well, "interests"? "Life choices"? "IQ"?


  1. Yes! Lol! I like searching for french military victories...

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