Monday, October 25, 2010

Died in a skydiving blog accident

Just re-read a nearly 3-year-old xkcd:

And discovered that now the top Google result for "Died in a skydiving accident" is "Died in a blogging accident."

Wait what?


  1. I found your blog linked to Desert Bus, thanks for scouting out links to videos. I tried looking yesterday hoping for videos of the Muppet, um, skits and didn't get very many actual Desert Bus 2010/IV videos found. Quite a number of people like to use Desert Bus for unrelated videos. Comments don't seem to be enabled for your video link post so I'm here. Thinking Wait, What? not because I also blog except I'm too lazy to log on and comment as ahmcguffin. Because I knit. A lot. Really funny. But since Google went to the whole follow the herd instead of searching for what I'm searching for I don't use Google. Still this and the screen shots is really funny. Thanks. Really.

  2. Oh man, thanks for letting me know comments were off. I didn't realize the default is different for "pages" than regular posts.

    Glad you liked what you saw. This is the stuff I find interesting but who can ever tell if anyone else does?

    And yeah, despite all those links there's tons more videos I wish were online.

  3. checkout mine ...