Thursday, January 6, 2011

That's it. Bubble 2.0. I'm calling it.

(And apparently more people have wanted to buy at that value than Goldman can accomodate. Which implies investors value it even higher?)

Not 100% on this but what can you say to that headline?

Mainly I want to lock in this bet with myself so later I can see if I was right.


  1. to call a bubble properly, you need to define a time frame, i.e. facebook will tank within two years. although i agree with you, i think it will be closer to five, which means there's plenty of money to be made in the near term, imo.


  2. Good point. Of course it's so hard to even predict whether Facebook (and the rest of the tech companies) will crash at all, I do not feel up to the task of guessing a time frame.

    It's really just that though I often have feelings about how things are going to turn out they're usually just pessimistic. But sometimes they're proven right. So I've been meaning to write them down to check if I'm a broken clock or actually have some sense about these things.