Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google Plus broke my blog

Just an FYI, I know that my images seem to all be broken. Guess why? Google Plus.

So I ended up on my Picasa photos page, which I don't pay much attention to, and I realized since Google Plus happened, it seemed a lot of my photos were being linked to my public profile when I'd never intended that. So I tried fixing the privacy settings, which made them private again. But all the images I upload to my blog are hosted on Picasa. That's Google's choice. It's what automatically happens when you upload images to Blogger. So they're all in this special Picasa album. But when I turned up my Picasa privacy, it made my Blogger images private so no one can see them (even from here). And I can't figure out how to change them back. It might require me re-uploading everything.

tl;dr Google Plus ruins everything. Modern-day Google is not a place I want to live anymore.

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