Apple offenses

You can tell from a few previous posts that I'm no fan of Apple (this one best shows why, and these two are the only others I found). But I don't want my blog to just become another predictable outlet for Apple-bashing.

So in order to help, I'm going to create this page as a personal dump-list for evidence that they're being closed, monopolistic, controlling, etc. Mainly because I'd like to be able to remember the actual incidents where they stepped over the line. And it'll also provide a check on myself if I start remembering more offenses than have actually occurred.

P.S. It's mainly for my own use (even more than the rest of my blog) but I'm not opposed to visitors seeing it too so here you go.

General summaries:
Bad Apple: An Argument Against Buying an iPhone (Lifehacker)
How to get rejected from the App Store (InfoWorld)
      - a list of most of the fishy App rejections

Apple patents simple multitouch things like pinch-and-zoom:
        Apple can now swing +6 mace of multitouch at enemies (Ars Technica)
Google Voice App rejected from App Store, anticompetitive reasons suspected:
        Apple Is Growing Rotten To The Core: Official Google Voice App Blocked From App Store (TechCrunch)
 Mass deletion of apps from iPhone App Store. Targeted are "overtly sexual" apps (not actually pornographic):
        Apple's 'overtly sexual' iPhone crackdown purges 5,000 apps (AppleInsider)
Apple sues HTC over questionable phone patents: 
        Apple Fires at HTC, But the Target Is Google (Wired)
Several WiFi finder apps mysteriously pulled from iPhone App Store:
        Apple removes Wi-Fi scanners, 'minimum functionality' iPhone apps (AppleInsider)
Apple bans apps written in languages that a huge chunk of programmers use exclusively:
       The Dark Side of Steve Jobs (section: The Great iPad Programmer Putsch) (Gawker)
Apple tells Newsweek not to hire Apple critic Fake Steve Jobs:
       Fake Steve Jobs: Real Steve Jobs Hates Fake Steve Jobs (Gawker)
Apple hobbles iAd competitors' in-app ads:
       Apple’s New Developer Agreement Unlevels the iAd Playing Field (Wired Epicenter)
Apple removes app for "ridiculing public figures"
      Apple App Store Bans Pulitzer-Winning Satirist for Satire (Wired)

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