Desert Bus for Hope 2010 video captures

There were a lot of moments from Desert Bus 4 that I want to see online. And a lot of them are out there. But they're scattered across many Youtube channels (and other sites too), so I was hoping someone would aggregate links to all of them in one central place. Well, no one did so I'll get started and add everything I know and everything anyone points out to me.

Not to say I wouldn't really like to see Loading Ready Run themselves put up what they recorded. Until then, this will have to suffice.

At the moment it's got all the videos that turn up in a search for "Desert Bus" with an upload date between the start of Desert Bus 2010 and 12/12/10.

**update: added a new "mini-documentary" about Desert Bus from Youtube channel captainfnogg: Desert Bus for Hope


DB4Hope (Official(?) LRR channel): 1 video
Paul's Praise for Geoffrey

captainfnogg: 1 video
Desert Bus for Hope

Yojizu: 4 videos
Desert Bus for Hope 4 - Finale (The Final Busdown) | Desert Bus for Hope 4 - Wes Borg sings "Every OS Sucks" | Desert Bus for Hope 4 - Darkwing Duck | Desert Bus for Hope 4 - Make a Man Out of You (Mulan song)

psychoi3oy: 1 video
alex herps a derp -- for the chidren (desertbus 4)

Sinuce: 7 videos
Desertbus 2010 - LRR FREEBLARGARBL | Desertbus 2010 - Matt riverdancing | Desertbus 2010 - Morgan being Space Jumped | Desertbus 2010 - Hail Cthulhu | Desertbus 2010 - LRR doing YMCA | Desertbus 2010 - The End | Desertbus 2010 - The Final Busdown

Madad134: 2 videos
Desert Bus 2010 - Always by Erasure | The Final Busdown - Desert Bus 2010

DiRecTwah: 1 video
Desert Bus 4 - Gay Bar (#1)

Shadmed2: 4 videos
Gay Bar (#2) | CrabCore | Simple Piggy Ears Crafting | Commodore Hustle during Desert Bus | Magic Pocket

AeroCmdr: 2 videos
KITTY! DB4H | Kroze loves Kevin Smith Movies DBFH4 

trolenean: 1 video
Tally and Dale sing Hallelujah

fubar9876: 7 videos
db2010 Galaxy Song | db2010 I Am Your Father | db2010 Pig Ear Crafting | desert bus 2010 DnD lava bears [1/4] | desert bus 2010 DnD lava bears [2/4] | desert bus 2010 DnD lava bears [3/4] | desert bus 2010 DnD lava bears [4/4]

Cokedupwerewolf2: 2 videos 
Desert Bus 2010 Ian's Slide Whistle | Desert Bus 2010 Master Kroze

ShamusYoung: 1 video
Desert Bus 2010 (interview with Shamus Young of Stolen Pixels)

TPRJones: 1 video 
Desert Bus 2010: Panties

Debdrup: 2 videos
Tally's Craftalong | Aristotle the Kitten

Gamingnerd: 4 videos
Desert Bus For Hope 4 - Party Hard!! | Desert Bus For Hope 4 - Caramelldansen Part Deux | Desert Bus For Hope 4 - Hypno-Paul | Desert Bus For Hope 4 - Lightswitch Rave (with crazy-filters)

Zedar0: 1 video
Andy Cownden - I Don't Want to set the World on Fire 

TheLOKAD: 1 video

PneumaticPtarmigan: 2 videos
Desert Bus For Hope IV - Tucson or Bust by Andy Cownden | Desert Bus For Hope IV - Commodore Hustle in "5" Minutes

DesiredHTC: 1 video
Desert Bus for Hope 4 - Caramell Dansen #2

SomethingOriginal86: 1 video 
Desert Bus 2010 - Shoutout

mejuffrouwTwiddel: 1 video (handheld videotaping computer screen FTW)
Desertbus 4 hope 2010: final 8 minutes

D. Ebdrup: 1 video
LoadingReadyRun Desert Run 2010 Dungeons and Dragons Game (with kitten)

Work in progress. Feel free to inform me of things I'm missing in the comments.
**edit: Accidentally left comments off. Should be working now.


  1. I would have recorded everything I was awake for, but I couldn't get audio to record. Glad to see several other people picked up in my absence.

  2. Did anyone get Scenes From a Chat?

  3. and still the john st john call is lost in space...

  4. - Tally and Dale sing Hallelujah

  5. @fastmikey

    Already got it, but thanks for the suggestion!

  6. It's not Desert Bus, but Tally's choir singing Christmas music is worth hearing:

  7. @tbug

    Man that's very nice singing.

  8. Magic Pocket

  9. I just uploaded because nobody else has

  10. @PsychoI3oy

    Ohhh no you didn't! That's like my favorite! No one can herp a derp better than Alex.

    P.S. Shagada too thanks for pointin that out

  11. Might anyone be able to put up the clip of Kroze and Ashton kissing?

  12. I know this is really, really old, but I went looking for Desert bus 4 stuff recently (after the end of Desert bus 7 actually). (And was dissapointed by how little of it I could find. Desert bus 6 is up on in it's entirety. Desert Bus 5 seems to have large chunks of it on as well - but for some reason not the whole thing. But before that, it gets very sketchy... Interestingly the channel used to stream DB4 still exists. No footage there though.)
    Anyway... Rambling aside, there are a small number of DB4 videos (still not a lot, considering how long it ran for) on LRR's site now. ( ) They've been there a while now. And I know you might not care that much about something from 3 years ago.

    But I thought I'd mention it anyway, since they seem to include a handful of things not on this list.