Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Troll King Himself

Literally.  I have to revise my definition of trolling now.  Mr. West's inspired performance pointed out what should've been an obvious mistake I made, which was to say trolling is "Misrepresenting oneself in an offensive or disruptive way for the purpose of comedy."  Kanye's verbal diarrhea wasn't disingenuous.  He actually meant what he was saying.  And he wasn't just doing it for the lulz.  This troll feeds on drama, not comedy.

Really, I might need to have two definitions.  Unfortunately Kanye is probably the most common type of troll, defined by "causing offense or disruption for the purposes of drama."  The other case is what I was talking about before, when people are consciously acting stupid because they think it's funny.

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